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Sleep assistant
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Efectio Sleep brings new sleep experience.

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Our Story

Research shows that sleep quality is the 2nd most important attribute that clients value and what drives hotel rating, since people experience various stressors during travelling, such as jet lag, anxiety, exhaustion and sleeping in an unfamiliar environment. The setting of the hotel room is very important.

Our Vision

Bring Hostess Service into next level by enhancing clients experience and satisfaction of sleep! No more sleep deprivation or jet lag in hotel rooms. Any hotel can bring the same sleep quality for guests and be the best place for sleep.


Efectio Sleep offers deep sleep room that includes modern sleep tracking devices and specially adapted room setting in order to provide the client an opportunity to have the most qualitative night sleep and relaxation they deserve!

How it works?

Smart room

We install Mattress sensors sleep trackers, White Ambiance lighting, TV screen with blue light filter, Android tablet, set of teas for better sleep, Deep sleep spray and Set of instructions - in order to establish dialogue between the room experience and client.

Data analysis

We provide Hotel guests with information about sleep quality, how much time was sleeping in REM, deep sleep or light sleep stage and show calculated sleep score. Sleep score can be used as additional tool for existing Hotel Loyalty program, and helps to return guests more frequent.


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